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Letter: An absurd notion of public opinion

How absurd to think public opinion should influence constitutional law. Clearly this great nation was built on not the lowly public’s ideas but on the sound minds of our Founding Fathers, who were noble, white, heterosexual, godly men. We should loyally rely on their decisions and rules, not change the very fabric of our country with the “whims of public opinion.”

Rep. Joshua Bochee, D-Fargo, should cease his push to support same-sex marriage, just like the suffragettes ended their absurd battle for votes for women, Martin Luther King Jr. stopped his support for racial equality and people with disabilities gave up on equal opportunity in employment and accessibility. After all, where would we be if minorities had the final say? Women would be able to vote and own property. Black men and women could freely marry and raise children together or, worse yet, marry white men or women and raise interracial children.

If this continues, our children’s children will live in a world much worse off than we have, one in which the value of a person is not based on sex, appropriate gender expression, skin color, class, ability or marrying the suitable partner – but on the chaos of a person’s morals, equal treatment and love for the fellow humans.

Minorities and changing public opinion will surely not bring about a satisfying future. Consider this, honorable judges who will rule on the federal lawsuit challenging the North Dakota constitutional prohibition on same-sex marriage. Do not allow our great state to dissolve from the influence of same-sex marriage.

Schofield lives in Fargo