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Letter: Fargo School Board boundary plan ducks the major problems

The Fargo School Board’s current plan is to plan to have to change their plan in two to three years.

There is no plan that is racially diverse – just the opposite in fact. This plan is moving minorities out of Davies/Discovery and into Carl Ben/South only.

There is no plan that moves the required educational services for the learning disabled or ELL students – just a plan to move the students. In the school board’s own words, “Equitable, not equal.”

There is no plan on how these students will be transported or who will pay for the increase in busing costs. Will the next plan be for the parents to pay for busing students four, six or eight miles north?

There is no plan on how to deal with splitting up siblings. One at Carl Ben and one at North. Or one at Davies and one at South.

There is no plan for a later start time for the northside schools. How will you get your child to North High from 13th Avenue South by 7:40 a.m. for early morning orchestra/band/choir/sports?

There is no plan on dealing with the congested early morning traffic from the south to the north on 10th Street. Or the afternoon traffic on University. Or the future road repairs on 10th Street.

There is no plan on how to deal with the varsity sports ineligibility of 180 days for transfer students. If a student wishes to stay in a school as the boundaries are currently, they become a “transfer” student, therefore making them unable to play varsity sports for 180 days. This rule is not governed by the Fargo Public School Board.

There is no plan on how to deal with the future increase in population in the far south. Will this be dealt with when all students north of 32nd Avenue South are attending North High?

There is no plan on how to tell all the students now who were open enrollment transfer students in 2013-14 that they have been moved back to their own attendance areas, have to reapply, and will need to do another 180 days of sports ineligibility if they are varsity.

There is no plan on waiting, contacting the parents, advising the parents, having any open public forum/debate and not even the teachers in our schools know what is happening. This is part of the plan. Push through their own agenda that isn’t in the best interest of families or students. And, according to the school board, this is their only plan.

Nowacki lives in Fargo.