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Letter: How about going with a measure of forgiveness?

My heart is saddened by the recent news of the unfortunate incident in Moorhead involving some young people. I really am scared for the city of Moorhead with this media-hungry and overzealous prosecuting attorney.

Now don’t misunderstand, there was some foolish behavior that went on by all parties but to raise this to felonies and seriously disrupt all of these young people’s lives is ridiculous. Certainly the prosecuting attorney must realize that this was not the intent of the law.

I am not saying there isn’t some punishment due for all involved, and certainly I am sure that all of the participants have suffered immensely, but to mark these children for life for one mistake is a bigger crime in my opinion.

I understand there are some citizens who will disagree with my premise but I ask you for a dose of honesty. For those of you reading this I am sure you can recall an incident in your life where your judgment was flawed and you did something you have never been proud of and are very glad only you and your God know you did it.

Most of us are good, decent, hard-working citizens who through God’s grace have forgiveness for our transgressions and have been blessed to live in a society that usually recognizes this. The last couple of days, I have seen and heard some very negative things said about both sides of this event. This is very hard to listen to, and I am 100 percent positive if the people involved were someone you love, your comments wouldn’t probably be as harsh and negative.

I live in Fargo but graduated from Moorhead High many years ago and the city I grew up in didn’t believe that one stupid mistake should have the people branded for life. I remind myself daily that without forgiveness and empathy I would be a worthless member of society as I would expect most of you reading this would be as well.

All of the families involved in this have my prayers that these children can put this behind them, move on, and become the productive citizens they were meant to be.