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Letter: Republicans halt Congress work

‘Milbank Opinion” on Monday, June 30, points to a continuing problem with a dysfunctional Congress and the penchant for Republicans to denigrate President Barack Obama at every turn.

Milbank hints that perhaps the president has chosen the wrong activity for his down time and relaxation – golf. Republicans jab and snip about Obama golfing instead of being in the situation room when the jihadists attack. Well, guess what. It doesn’t matter what Obama chooses to do to relax. The Republicans will attack him regardless of his activity.

Milbank quips that perhaps golf is the wrong activity because it is the game of the elite. I hardly think so, since the game has changed so much in the last 50 years. In President Dwight Eisenhower’s day, it was a game for the elite, but he played golf all the time. President George W. Bush, on the other hand, chose to engage in menial labor, cutting brush on his multi-million dollar ranch in West Texas, but I don’t think spending fully a third of his presidency at his ranch gave him any insight into the needs of average Americans.

Republicans have been relentless in attempting to block any presidential initiatives. They cannot find a personal weakness to take advantage of, so they call him names or claim he doesn’t lead. Bush and the Republicans led us into 13 years of unnecessary war, record debt and the worst recession in history. I think Obama is doing just fine in spite of the obstruction and obfuscation by the opposition.