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Letter: Racist US policy again evident in the way children are treated

Mexican lives matter. We are human beings and our children are not a “surge” or a “national security” crisis.

They are children.

The United States has a history of treating the Mexican body as if it has no value. The U.S. orphans millions of Mexican-American citizen children of their undocumented parents and places the children in white households. The U.S. has mass graves littering the border where bodies of dead Mexican immigrants are dumped without markers or proper burial. The U.S. government makes money off the bodies of Mexican detainees, keeping many in detention for a year or longer without due process or legal representation, earning the private prison system more than $60,000 per year, per detainee.

The U.S. willingly suspended dozens of federal environmental protections for air, water, land and wildlife to build a multi-billion dollar border fence which is completely ineffective at stopping undocumented migrants from passing.

When it comes to hatred of the Mexican body in the U.S., nothing Americans do is really that shocking anymore. The fact that media is barely reporting on the plight of over 60,000 unaccompanied children, being kept in what look like dog kennels, crowded like sardines, and talked about in the media with words that evoke images of war children is also not surprising. It is normal. Cruelty and indifference has been the American habit of choice when it comes to dealing with the lives of Mexicans.

These are still human rights abuses. These are still national sins and stains on the collective conscience of Americans who continue to mount up a debt for all the injustices heaped upon these children that deserve to be cared for and reunited with their families, not hunted and caged like animals. There is a creator and we are all united to each other as human beings and to all creation, even across borders. By procrastinating on immigration reform and hiding behind racist immigration policies, the U.S. thinks it can continue kicking the karmic consequences of their human rights crimes down the road, but they can’t escape judgement forever.