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Letter: Let’s plant trees for everybody

With summer’s arrival comes a time to contemplate all that we are and all that we can become. What is needed is something to bring us together as a community. Something that embodies togetherness. Something to remind us in the future that as a community we grow together bountifully. What can we do that represents this to refresh each other?

Let’s do this: Let’s all plant a tree. Trees are something that our community needs to see more of with the endless construction going up. Trees remind us of growth and things that flourish. They also make the community look more like a home worth living in.

So please be helpful and go out and plant a tree. A tree for you, a tree for me, a tree for everybody – to remind you and I of just what we can do to refresh and make our living quarters look more like a palace and less like concrete. Trees have a way of doing that, so plant one for yourself, and for each and every one in your family. Then also we can marvel at what community cooperation can do when we put our minds to it.

Sometimes a motto will get this moving forward. Let that motto be: A Tree for You, a Tree for Me, a Tree for Everybody.