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Letter: Anti-Measure 4 lies are from Big Tobacco

Is lying the new American way? Sadly, we've come to expect lying from politicians as they maneuver the public for a vote in their favor.

Frankly, I hate liars. I've seen too much and heard too much in my 68 years on the planet to have the time to listen to liars and the stories they tell.

Big tobacco companies lie for a living. They lie to sell their deadly products and lie to hook new customers every day, to replace the ones that have died from using their products.

Now, they're sponsoring a new campaign to hook tobacco users and tobacco sellers on the lies about Measure 4, which would raise the tax on cigarettes from an abysmal and embarrassing 44 cents per pack to a more reasonable level.

The reason for the tax is very simple: It's there to encourage tobacco users to quit and prevent new users from starting (based on information from the CDC and Surgeon General, this works.)

So, what weapon does big tobacco roll out to fight this? Lies and more lies. They are spending nearly 4 million dollars in lies and false statements to try to convince voters to reject Measure 4 (because it would cost them customers and money).

Don't be fooled, North Dakota. Don't buy into more lies from big tobacco. VOTE YES ON MEASURE 4.

Taylor lives in Durbin, N.D.