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Pair charged after human remains found on Clay County farmstead

Letter: Again, ND Legislature puts taxpayers at risk

On Jan. 10, the North Dakota Senate voted overwhelmingly to continue to deny marriage equality to all citizens of our state.

June 25, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled marriage equality applies to all US citizens. Subsequently, the lawsuit filed against the state by seven other couples along with my husband and I was subsequently settled in our favor and dismissed.

As I recall, the state paid in excess of $120,000 in legal fees to Madia Law and the ACLU to cover the cost of forcing North Dakota law to apply equally to all married couples.

Once again, our shortsighted Legislature refuses to acknowledge the most basic of reasoning, and is exposing the taxpayers to yet another very costly litigation that will most certainly be settled, yet again, on the side of what's right.

Erickson lives in Fargo.