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ND secretary of state candidate drops out, raising questions about GOP's next steps

Letter: Threat of Russia is overblown

The liberal press and many members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, are upset by what they perceive as Russian meddling in American politics. Gen. Michael Flynn resigned as national security advisor because he supposedly lied about conversations he had with Russian officials before and during the 2016 election. The Russians supposedly hacked the emails of Democrats, which some blame for Clinton losing the election. Some liberal commentators and columnists went so far as to compare the Russia/Flynn/Trump controversy to the terrorist attack of 2011 and to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Give me a break!

Yes, we should be aware of what Putin and the Russians are up to. As we should keep an eye on China, North Korea and nations that harbor or encourage terrorists. But the Flynn thing being akin to Pearl Harbor? So what do these anti-Trump, anti-Russian individuals want? Do we attack a nuclear power like Russia because some people are upset that Trump won and he wants to talk to the Russians? From the dangerous saber-rattling of hawks like Sen. John McCain, you would certainly think so.

Look folks, whether we dislike or mistrust Putin, common sense dictates that we need to find some common ground with the Russians and bring them on board to help fight terrorism and to contain countries like Iran and North Korea. What did Winston Churchill say? "Jaw Jaw is better than War War."

Kovach lives in Nevis, Minn.