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Letter: McFeely needs to get his facts straight about oil tax reform

Once again, we see Democrats and their liberal allies resort to repeating the big lie that North Dakota Republicans cut oil taxes.

This time it is Forum columnist Mike McFeely. Obviously McFeely chose to ignore the recent N.D. Tax Department report that clearly shows that the oil tax reforms passed by the Republican legislators in 2015 have resulted in an increase in oil tax collections this biennium of almost $500 million.

If McFeely thinks our university system and state government are in financial distress now, just think of where the state would be without the oil tax reforms passed last session. In the absence of these reforms, the state would have had hundreds of millions of dollars less for our schools, senior programs, public safety and water projects.

While political pundits like McFeely are entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts. Instead of repeating fake news hoping to injure Republicans, McFeely should celebrate the smart oil tax policy led by Rep. Al Carlson, R-Fargo, and implemented by Republicans in 2015.

But considering the myopic view McFeely has of Republicans and Rep. Carlson, I doubt we will ever see the day that would happen.

Owens is the District 27 Republican chairman.