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Letter: Why can't President Trump entertain guests at Camp David?

I wonder why no one is asking why President Trump is not having meetings at Camp David, which has always been a retreat for presidents and is already a secure facility. Why are the American taxpayers forced to spend money to protect him where he wants to meet to conduct government business just because he has his own facility?

If he wants to meet at Mar-a-Lago, why isn't he responsible to pay for all this protection? Again, why are Americans picking up the tab? Is it because he is so rich he can do what he wants? This also brings up his taxes that he will not release. He can get by with all his desires with no one able to challenge him. Why is Donald Trump so important that he is able to control whatever he wishes? The U.S. taxpayers should have some say in this matter.

Other presidents were not as rich, so does this give Donald Trump the path for his own desires? Also, why is Melania living with their son in Trump Tower with taxpayers picking up this tab also? I can see it until their son is out of school for the summer as he is used to living in this "home." But if Mrs. Trump wants to stay in this "home" instead of the White House, then Trump should pick up the tab for this protection.

This whole thing is so ridiculous and it seems our president is a dictator in this matter and no taxpayer or anyone else can do anything about this waste of taxpayer dollars.

Strache lives in Frazee, Minn.