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Letter: What does Fargo know about being a good neighbor?

It seems to me that your criticism of Gov. Mark Dayton for not being a good neighbor is really ironic. Do you realize that Fargo has not been a good neighbor to the people south of the city? You and your city government have been pushing this diversion down our throats without any consideration to what it will do to our lives. And the number one problem is that it is not a diversion for flood protection, but a diversion so that Fargo can make a few people rich by allowing developers to build in the flood prone areas.

The dam is not needed to give you flood protection. It will only push your problems down south to us, the people who have to suffer for Fargo's arrogance.

You have wasted millions on home buyouts just because you needed the people of Oxbow to suck up to your greedy ways. I don't recall you saying anything about how you will make things right with the Kindred School District for the revenue loss they will have with property values dropping because they will be in a Fargo designated flood zone.

How will you arrive at a fair settlement to the farmers if you back up water on their land for however long Fargo feels is necessary? Why is their land so less valuable than a house that happens to be on the right side of Oxbow?

If something goes wrong, is your mayor going to run around threatening people like he did when the vote for the diversion tax was being taken? Will Fargo come down south to their neighbors and threaten to use eminent domain against us like you did before?

I could go on and on about how your city government has lied and made far-flung statements about how it is not a dam but flood protection for Fargo, the crybaby of North Dakota, but you won't listen anyway.

And as a member of the free press, The Forum should look into some of these questions, but that won't happen because you are such "good" neighbors and the pot calling the kettle black is hard for you to understand.

Fasholz lives in Walcott, N.D.