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Letter: I encourage Strand and Piepkorn to stand with the Roosevelt neighborhood

I encourage Fargo City Commissioners John Strand and Dave Piepkorn to support the Roosevelt neighborhood. The developers who tore down houses with the expectation that the city council would kowtow to their demands should be rebuked for their brazenly impertinent behavior.

The city needs neighborhoods and the city needs North Dakota State University, but which is in danger of going away, north Fargo neighborhoods or the university? The university is not going anywhere, but the neighborhoods near NDSU are slowly disappearing. All universities encourage cheap housing near their boundaries to support college students. Houses are bought and turned into rentals. A high percentage of rentals in an area drives out other homeowners until a neighborhood of homes is now a block of rentals, governed by weak laws that can do little to stem bad property owners and irresponsible renters. This lowers home values of families that choose to stay all the while enriching the university and its friends. It is a pattern. It has happened and it will happen.

How is this fair? How is this neighborly? The university and its friends get a lot of things, but what do the neighborhoods get? How exactly is NDSU enriching the Roosevelt neighborhood? I know how they are enriching themselves.

Schloesser lives in Fargo.