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ND secretary of state candidate drops out after report on 2006 window-peeping incident

Letter: Patriotism on display during Fargo Marathon events

The Fargo Marathon’s 5K Hero Run was fun to watch. I put my American Flag out and watched the thousands of people run, jog, or walk by my home. Many were also in wagons, strollers, or wheelchairs as they cheerfully passed by my house.

Watching the run was great but there was one more thing I noticed. Some of the volunteers who blocked the crossing streets to protect the runners were holding American Flags. Very patriotic, I thought.

The volunteers wore highly fluorescent  yellow and green vests. One volunteer at the corner by my house held the American Flag, wore the fluorescent vest, and also wore a hijab.  

American Muslims are in all walks of life in Fargo and they also patriotically volunteer for events.  America is a great place, and it becomes all of the greater with diversity.

Kummer lives in Fargo.