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Letter: Printing racist opinions is not acceptable

As a white man, I'm sorry for the racist comments and perspectives of people like President Donald Trump, Dave Piepkorn, and Michael Ross (Inforum letter published May 31). There is no excuse for any of it.

Everybody has implicit biases and uninformed perceptions, but when those biases and perceptions become prejudice and hatred instead of meaningful opportunities to learn about one another, our society is weakened. And when The Forum gives legitimacy to an opinion like this by printing it, it spreads toxic hatred and contributes to a culture that makes you uncomfortable, unwelcome and unsafe. It is equally as offensive as holding up a bloody, severed head of a sitting president. Such actions are beneath the dignity of us all.

Please know that in many of us, including me, you will always find an open mind, unconditional support and a willingness to be educated on issues our skin color prevented us from ever being able to understand. You are valuable and you are loved. As for people like these, I can only hope one day their minds and hearts will be opened by the culture, ideas, and community that a rich tapestry of diversity can bring.

DePaolis-Metz lives in Moorhead.