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Letter: Tirade against the media and Russian hacking investigation is off base

Mr. Jack Uehran of Jamestown, N.D., let me thank you for your years of military service to our nation. (Inforum June 5)

Having said that, your tirade about the news media and the Russian involvement in our last election is off base. All of our security agencies—the FBI, CIA, NSA—all agree that Russia meddled in our presidential election and our president has largely ignored that information calling it fake news. Apparently, like our president, you don't hold much confidence in their Findings.

Tell me, what has our constantly tweeting president done during his chaotic tenure in office that has improved your life? Has he made improvements to Medicare or Medicaid? Has he begun to improve the infrastructure needs of our country? Has he worked to pass legislation to control Climate Change? Has he supported our protective treaty alliances like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?

Larsen lives in Mandan, N.D.