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Letter: Egregious behavior at Moorhead pool

My daughter and three of her friends went to the Moorhead Public Pool on a recent weekday night. They went to cool off, enjoy the summer and do some socializing. While there, they were approached by a boy of approximately middle school age that sprayed one of them with water.

They did not know this boy. They smiled and tried to play it off nicely. He then continued repeatedly to spray them. It became uncomfortable for them so my daughter asked to boy to move along. He did, however, he came back with 4 of his friends and started calling the girls bitches, sluts and whores. They also said "don't tease us with your swimsuits." Hello! It's a pool! They continued to harass them so the girls went to the lifeguard on duty who, according to the girls, ignored them. They ultimately went to all five lifeguards on duty that evening who all ignored them except one.

She laughed at them and then proceeded to ignore them. The girls only found relief when an adult male stood up to the boys and told them to leave the girls alone. He also told the lifeguards that they should be doing something as well to stop this behavior. If I knew who that gentleman was, I would thank him.

It was only at that time the manager finally showed up and kicked the boys out. He also kicked the man out who defended the girls which is quite appalling. On the ride home, a couple of the girls were discussing ways that they could've prevented the interaction. One made a comment that she thought the boys thought they liked it. There is something deeply wrong with a society where the boys think they can go up to a random group of girls and start harassing them for no reason. There is something more wrong when the girls are somehow blaming themselves for the boys' extremely poor behavior.

Our society needs to start teaching our boys to stop objectifying girls and we need to start teaching our girls not to put up with their garbage. And what is wrong with the employees? I realize they aren't paid a whole lot, but all they would've had to do is defer the problem to the manager.

Jones lives in Moorhead.