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ND secretary of state candidate drops out, raising questions about GOP's next steps

Letter: Keep an eye on Cramer's health care record

Cramer Watch 2. Recently Representative Cramer voted in favor of the American Health Care Act. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that if this bill becomes law it could eliminate health insurance for more than 23 million Americans including more than 94,000 North Dakotans.

It also provides a 3 trillion dollar (that's trillion with a t) tax break for insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and the ultra wealthy. It will also allow insurance companies to charge older people (50-64) 5 times more for insurance.

A quick check of the campaign contributions from the most recent election cycle shows that Representative Cramer received more than $30,000 from insurance company political action committees and individuals and over $20,000 from pharmaceutical/health product PACs.

Maybe someone should ask Representative Cramer how this bill would affect the health insurance the US taxpayers provide for him and his family. Seems like Representative Cramer has little regard for North Dakotans in need and is more concerned about millionaires.

Please feel free to cut out this letter and tape it to your fridge door reminding you about this vote before the 2018 election.

Harens lives in Bismarck, N.D.