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ND secretary of state candidate drops out, raising questions about GOP's next steps

Letter: Port's error is unforgivable

Rob Port's attempt to present himself as a caring, empathic journalist, one whose heart aches over the loss of a beautiful Fargo soul, actually reveals him as the cold media opportunist he really is.

Port would like us to believe that he was deeply invested in the horrible disappearance and death of Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, in his Sept. 3 column. If Port had invested his precious time and followed the story from that first Saturday two weeks ago, he would surely have known this: We are grieving, mourning and praying for Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind and her family. Not Samantha.

Rob Port refers to her twice in his column. Both times he tells us her name "Samantha La Fontaine..." Samantha? Really Port? Aren't you Mr. Fact-checker? Are you the guy who rails against fake news and incompetent "dopey left-wing newspaper columnists?"

What you've shown me in your attempt at transparency is that you are a repulsive, opportunist who attempted to hook your "brand" on the backs of a family's heartbreaking human tragedy. I can't think of a more careless, hurtful, insulting act of journalism.

I don't know if your ego will allow you to feel regret for this unassailable, egregious "mistake" or not. I hope you'll have the guts to own up to this in the form of mea culpa. And I do hope the the LaFontaine-Greywind family, in their mourning, will have the grace to forgive you. I can't.

Ferragut lives in Fargo.