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Letter: We're living in an anti-consumer, pro-business world

In addition to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, floods and droughts, modern technology has added identity theft and computer viruses to the equation.

Even though we live in a climate where cyberattacks are a global issue, President Trump saw fit to cancel the personal information protections requiring broadband providers to seek permission for data collection. Now, providers like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T have more access to our personal data than other internet service providers.

Consumers are living in a free-for-all anti-regulatory environment that rewards business at the expense of citizens' personal information. It seems to me that Equifax has no fear of being punished for their irresponsible handling of consumer information.

My case in point: I recently went to the Equifax site to freeze my security information. The information I was given was "System Currently Unavailable - Error 500." I called the three numbers listed for Equifax. No answer for two of them and call back was the answer for the third. I called the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Number to report this and was sent their news release information telling me how to contact Equifax. Again, I received the information that the system is currently unavailable.

I was also unable to freeze my security information with Trans Union. Although they have a menu that includes security freeze, that site switches to a sign-up for a credit check.

I am wondering what remedies (other than the voting out-of-office the GOP and Trump) are available for consumers who have suffered damage from irresponsible companies such as Equifax?

I believe the anti-consumer climate demonstrated from the Trump administration is directly responsible; evident from its disregard for privacy rights as shown in its voter fraud effort to secure personal information and its recent use of personal information of DACA immigrants.

Day lives in Fargo.