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Arrest made in fatal shooting outside Fargo McDonald’s

Letter: Reverting to a bunker mentality seems a bit alarmist

Is it true that the new Fargo city council chamber design will not have windows? Is this due to a security risk identified by someone in law enforcement who actually said something akin to "a sniper could shoot the mayor right through one of the [previously planned] windows?"

If so, this is a sad commentary on the state of affairs in my hometown. It's one thing to be cautious. It's quite another to be paranoid.

In all the years the city of Fargo has conducted council meetings, has anyone ever threatened armed violence? Reverting to a bunker mentality seems a bit alarmist and an overreaction, but fear is the currency of the day. Kind of tough to conduct the city's business in the full light of day when cowering in a concrete box that even the state's legendary sunshine laws cannot penetrate.

Olson lives in Fargo.