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Letter: Lawmakers who defend child molesters have 'no lines left to cross'

When allegations came out about actor Kevin Spacey molesting children, his series was cancelled, a film he was producing was shelved, and his part in another movie is being reshot. When allegations came out against Louis CK (who isn't even accused of touching anyone) came out, the New York premiere of his film was cancelled.

Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore has been accused of molesting a 14-year-old child. Sen. Hoeven and several other politicians have said that he should step down "if the allegations are true." Another said that "14-year-olds don't make good decisions." They don't, that's why statutory rape and child molestation are crimes. It is this kind of deference to powerful men, even over the voices of several vulnerable women, that allows predators to keep up their abuse. These are the only crimes where the victim is labeled as "alleged," even though sex crimes are falsely reported no more than any other type of crime, and the vast majority are never reported at all. If protecting child molesters is now part and parcel of party loyalty, there are no lines left to cross.

Larsen lives in Fargo.