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Homicide suspect at large after shooting death in south Fargo

Letter: 'Is our policy now one of let no billionaire be left behind?'

Oh, for many months now there has much groaning, bickering and unsatisfied grunting from the hallowed seat of the United States government. Then, late, Friday last, during the hours when dark forces were upon the earth, there arose a nauseating stench, emanating from the U.S. Senate Chamber in Washington. From within the bowels of of this governmental body, a stinking, putrid pile of immoral and corrupt legislation was expelled, bringing great joy to the craven and zombie-like creatures that inhabit this murky and dim abode. There was great relief and celebration. Those creatures of the dark were very proud of themselves, with much clasping of scaly hands and the stomping of cloven hoofs. But, what is it that they have wrought?

Why would these self-professed, patriotic and good Christian representatives of the people exude such a thing? This thing, this bill, that greatly reduces the tax burden of those who are powerful and obscenely wealthy, while gouging, by increased taxes and the elimination of exemptions and credits, farmers, teachers, students, retirees, small business people and anyone else who actually works for a living. Could it be that their keepers, those behind the scenes and hidden by the inky dark shadows, were getting restless and angry and demanded their ransom. Is our policy now one of let no billionaire be left behind? What else could it be?

Nobody really knows yet what all is in this steaming pile of governmental mishmash. Much of its porcine nature will only be revealed after the fact. The proposed legislation was not available for review prior to the vote, the evil wizard had proclaimed that, "there will be plenty of time to read the bill after it is approved." And all the while, right up to the final vote, the demented little sausage makers scurried about stuffing corporate favors and back home boondoggles into the toxic mix.

West lives in Dilworth.