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Letter: How can we help keep the Christmas spirit alive for the Vogels?

There are so many things that keep me awake at night these days (the endangered state of our American democracy as it was intended by our forefathers, the threat of North Korea and the possibility of World War III, and the neverending turmoil in the Middle East.

But it is Saturday's news story "Grinch steals prized spruce from Cass County farmstead" that has me writing a letter to the editor.

First, I want to offer my sincere condolences and support to Paul Vogel and his family. This week they lost their beloved 20-foot tall Colorado blue spruce to vandals who used a power saw to ruthlessly cut down this magnificent tradition that had welcomed the Vogel family for the past 30 years. No wonder they question their ability to feel the Christmas spirit again. The heart of the article asks the perpetrators "Why would you want to steal a Christmas tree that supposedly reminds you of Christ (the true meaning of Christmas)?

I have to disagree with The Forum for referring to these vandals as the Grinch. In the Dr. Seuss story "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" the protagonist was not all bad. In fact, he really did have a heart, it was just too small until the true meaning of Christmas finally came through!

Now perhaps I'm wrong...perhaps the vandals who cut down the Vogel tree, erasing 30 years of treasured Christmas spirit, will find the true meaning of Christmas, have a change of heart and come forward to make things right with the Vogel family. It all remains to be seen.

As a community, how can we ensure that the Vogel family can keep their Christmas spirit alive? Join me with ideas, suggestions and positive energy.

Revland lives in Fargo.