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Letter: NDUS Chancellor Hagerott deserves fairness

In case Mike McFeely and Jim Shaw don't know it; hearing something doesn't make it so. That said, one thing is certain, these two Forum writers--neither of whom, to my knowledge, is a Rhodes Scholar (unlike NDUS Chancellor Hagerott, the target of their rumor jabs) love to chide, berate and humiliate individuals using Forum ink. McFeely's Nov. 29 column includes innuendos, such as: Hagerott "thinks Russians are spying on him with drones," and the "Chinese are hacking his email." These rumors abound, but nowhere does McFeely substantiate their veracity. Shaw uses both barrels in his Dec. 3 column. He refers to Hagerott as a "rotten cold-hearted delusional man" using Vice Chancellor Lisa Feldner's complaints against Hagerott as his fodder.

Shaw claims, too, that Hagerrot "denigrated a staff member who had cancer," but where is his proof? McFeely also pulls out the North Dakota line that Hagerott "is a little different," which is code for "outsiders should be viewed with suspicion and should be promptly accused and run out of the state." McFeely's and Shaw's writing make North Dakota look provincial, petty, and anti-intellectual. Are they trying to convince the public at large that North Dakota is Hicksville? They're doing a darn good job, and it's embarrassing. On the contrary, Valley City State President, Tisa Mason--who has ample professional experience with Hagerott--says he is "very supportive" and "quite frankly, a good boss," in a Forum story published Dec. 4. It's time to turn the table on the rumor-monger writers. Let's stand for treating our North Dakota education leaders with the respect and dignity they deserve. Until such time that credible truths appear to substantiate rumors, could Mr. Marcil stand up and insist on intelligent, cogent and truthful coverage? I certainly hope so. My paid subscription is counting on it.

Sund Herschlip lives in Fargo.