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Letter: Port's accusations would be laughable if not so revolting

Good gravy! Rob Port's Dec. 10 column accusing Sen. Heitkamp of hypocrisy would be laughable if it weren't so revolting.

This week, Republicans may elect Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate knowing that he will face an ethics committee regarding his sexual misconduct. The current president has bragged about his own vile behavior on video, but he brushes it off as "locker room talk" or, more recently, suggested that the video was not him.

Sen. John Hoeven and Rep. Kevin Cramer have come out in support of both of these men. But Port goes after Heitkamp for not being a proponent for women? His proof is that six years ago Bill Clinton campaigned for her twice and that she did not name the sheriff that told her that "men beating their wives is a fact of life..." Heitkamp actually came out and called for the resignation of Al Franken because of the unseemly allegations he was facing. Her "hypocrisy" is about as big of a problem as celery is in causing holiday weight gain.

Columns like this one make many dismiss Rob Port out of hand.

Braun lives in Wyndmere, N.D.