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Letter: Why waste so much ink on Port's obsession with Heitkamp?

As a young professional, Forum columnist Rob Port's obsession with Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is pretty creepy. It's as if Port wakes up every morning with a desire to tear Senator Heitkamp down. Seriously—what kind of life is that?

One of Port's recent blog posts focused on a story Heitkamp shared about domestic abuse. Unsurprisingly — but just as shamefully — Port wrote a tone-deaf and offensive piece criticizing her for speaking up about this issue.

Frankly, with every column Port writes inevitably attacking Heitkamp, the more white noise he becomes. I imagine I am not the only person who has begun to tune out his bombast — or who is starting to wonder why so much ink is being wasted on him in Forum papers.

Finally, I'd like to thank Heitkamp for speaking up about the issues that matter to North Dakotans, and also for being such an incredible role model for young women. It's probably not easy to have an angry man like Port criticize you no matter what you do, but I know Heitkamp always takes the high road.

From what I can see, she's tough as nails and is guided by what's right for our state. As an avid Forum reader, I hope to see more space committed to the issues and the voices that matter — not more of the same monotonous attacks and hot air.

Pytlik lives in West Fargo.