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Letter: Ahmad's column should have been directed at fellow Muslims

Mr. Syed Sajid Ahmad's Dec. 22 column in the Forum concerning the abrogation of verses in the Quran should have been written for Muslims rather than for non-Muslims.

If Islam is ever to become a peaceful religion, Muslims are the people that must be persuaded that abrogation doesn't exist. Most Muslim scholars throughout Islam teach that abrogation does exist, and that the violent verses do supersede or abrogate the peaceful verses.

Abrogation is important in Islam, because if peaceful verses weren't abrogated or canceled out by violent verses, people could leave Islam without fear of being murdered by their own family or neighbors. Islamic murders all over the world would have no legitimacy in the eyes of other Muslims. Islam might then become a religion of love and peace; kind of like Christianity.

Islam demands the submission of all people in the world. That covers just about everyone. Submission means you either become a Muslim or are murdered.

Ahmad's Ahmadiyya sect is persecuted all over the world because most Muslims say it isn't Islamic. Ahmad should hope that Islam in America never becomes as pervasive as it is in most European countries; or his life could be in jeopardy.

Culp lives in Fargo.