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Letter: Volcanic eruptions affect weather patterns

There are two things that the news never tells you when they talk about global warming. There was one small article I read that said planting trees wouldn’t help the carbon issue. What a lie!

Trees have been cut down, forest fires have destroyed them. No one in decades has protected the trees or encouraged people to plant them on a large scale.

But there is an island somewhere, I read about, that was dedicated to planting a million trees to bring down its carbon footprint.

Here’s another fact I heard mentioned once on the radio. When Iceland had the volcanic eruption that disrupted air travel in Europe, the eruption moved the earth’s axis a fraction. We’ve been told in the past that if the earth’s axis had been a fraction different that we wouldn’t even be here.

Why are any of you surprised that weather patterns change? I noticed after the Icelandic eruption that the larger winter storms have moved to the east of us. We’ve had nicer winters.

There have always been volcanic eruptions, so changes in weather patterns should be no surprise.

Roman lives in Moorhead.