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Letter: Kids can learn a lot from really good bad examples

As my kids have grown up, I've told them it's good to have some really good bad examples. That may sound contrary to what kids usually hear, but bear with me.

My son had outstanding basketball coaches from the 4th grade through college; but he had one awful coach. I told him, "Now you know what a bad coach is like — don't be like that when you're a coach." My kids had many excellent teachers; but they had one terrible teacher. Now they know the difference. As one of them has become a teacher I say, remember what that teacher was like — don't do what she did.

I'm sure there are thousands of excellent fans of the Philadelphia Eagles who are great examples of how to celebrate a much-deserved Super Bowl win, but when you hear about how some bad examples treated Minnesota Fans while in Philadelphia, or you read the national news today about looting stores, breaking windows, overturning cars, lighting fires, I need to say "Thanks, Philly Fans, for providing some really good bad examples. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I bet your team is."

You need to take some lessons from the Minnesota Vikings fans. You make us look good — even though we don't need your help doing so.

Syverson is a former teacher and principal who lives in Dilworth.