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Letter: Burgum is forming a new version of the 'boys club'

I read with great interest the recent Steve Stark cartoon in the The Forum which implied that unless you've worked for Microsoft, you need not apply for a position in North Dakota state government.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but one of Gov. Doug Burgum's campaign platforms was to eliminate the "boys club." His definition seems to be getting rid of one boys club and replacing it with another - one of which seems to have no idea how operations in the public sector are Performed.

On a related matter, another member of Burgum's Microsoft club is Don Morton, the chairman of the State Board of Higher Education, who is presently speaking for the board in a discrimination claim filed against Chancellor Hagerott.

The claim was filed with the North Dakota Department of Labor by a former vice chancellor. The ND Labor Commissioner, Michelle Kommer, is newly appointed by Burgum. Will the investigation of the vice chancellor's claims be fair and unbiased? Or will cronyism at the highest levels prevail?

Olson lives in Hoople, N.D.