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Letter: Failing to clap or smile when the president speaks is not treason

At a speech on Monday, Feb. 5, the president accused Democrats of not loving America because they did not smile and clap at his State of the Union speech. He accused them of being treasonous because they did not applaud him.

Failing to clap or smile when the president speaks is not treason. Failure to shower adulation on this president does not show a lack of love for our country now, just like it didn't when Republicans didn't clap and smile for Obama. When Joe Wilson shouted "You Lie!" during Obama's 2009 speech, he was not saying he did not love America. America is much more than the president.

There are those that loathed Obama, and those that loathe Trump. What we have in common is a passionate love for our country, and a sincere desire for its people to prosper. We passionately disagree about how to get there and sometimes we even loathe our leaders, but we need to remember that our passionate disagreement stems from that passionate love of country.

If we start to label those that we disagree with as un-American or treasonous, we will all suffer.

Larsen lives in Fargo.