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Emergency crews respond to injury crash near Felton

Letter: Why doesn't the city enforce the snow-removal ordinance?

Several weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the editor that quoted the city of Fargo law concerning snow and ice removal from sidewalks and the possible recourse against those who don't comply.

Nothing has changed. We still have a burger joint on Main Street that doesn't remove snow and ice from their sidewalk which is inches from passing traffic. There is also an ice cream joint on University Drive that hasn't done anything to their sidewalk all season.

Has the city done anything to enforce its sidewalk-clearing law? Obviously not.

Want to test your skills of balance, reflex and coordination? Try walking on the north side of First Avenue South from downtown westward. Some of this sidewalk is solid ice and has been for weeks. This is along both residential and commercial properties. There are many other sidewalks in need of attention, too.

When you slip and get hurt because of blatant disregard for a supposed law, who do you sue? The property owner or the city for not enforcing this law, or both? Another question for the lawyer.

Dodge lives in Fargo.