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Letter: A military parade is about honoring our forces

I must agree with Mr. Quinn letter to the editor published Feb. 11 when he says the money that would be used for a military parade could be used on a plethora of social causes. But I must go further. Why not shut down all parades? Just think, the number of parades held across the country that could be worth billions of dollars. Who needs Macy's Parade or the Rose Bowl. Force the organizations to take that money and spend it on Quinn's pet projects. Let it be known in every hamlet and town. We are coming for your treasure.

Oh, that right, its private money. Here's an idea, why not raise the money from a private donors for a military parade. Would that satisfy you, Mr. Quinn?

This a matter of honoring the military. And it's Mr. President to you, Mr. Quinn, not the Donald.

Martin lives in Fargo.