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Letter: Fargo Park Board is mishandling our tax dollars

Is there something I don't understand about the mission statement of the Fargo Park Board and the irresponsible use of taxpayer money? I am flabbergasted that the board would consider the purchase of Seasons at Rose Creek, especially in light of the poor profit history the Hectors have shown for the property and its present condition, which is in need of major work.

We seem to have no fiscal responsibility or common sense when it comes to the park board's use of taxpayer dollars. I have reviewed the club house purchase and its possible use. Having spent 50 years in the hospitality business, I was not able to put a profitable forecast to their scenario, even at the lower price I was quoted.

While I am sure there is no correlation between my real estate taxes on some property going up over 50 percent and the consideration of purchases like this, but it sure makes me wonder why we can consider such a move and we can't afford to heat the warming houses so our kids can skate. Are we just addressing someone's ego and not the needs of the citizens that one day will be taxpayers?

Lavelle lives in Fargo.