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Letter: All Cramer cares about is climbing the political ladder

Good grief. Another day — another sideshow from Rep. Kevin Cramer.

Cramer is once again toying with a run for Senate — just a month after he said he would stay in the House because that's where he'd have the best influence for North Dakota.

When will the political games end? How can we trust somebody who doesn't keep their word?

For context, Cramer is a career politician — a lifer on the North Dakota taxpayer payroll. All he cares about is climbing the political ladder — not getting results for North Dakotans.

Maybe that's why he has no real accomplishments to show from his tenure in the House.

Maybe that's why he voted to raise premiums and out-of-pocket health care costs for North Dakotans.

And maybe that's why he has shown support for policies that jeopardize policies like Medicare and crop insurance.

Not to mention the fact that Cramer uses his campaign donations as a slush fund for himself and his family — can't get more crooked than that! If we can't trust Cramer to keep his word, we certainly can't trust him to be our senator.

Schaefle lives in Fargo.