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Letter: Is this what Pres. Trump considers good negotiating?

President Trump apparently decided during a meeting with a Congressional delegation to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from China without consulting with any advisors. This decision was quite surprising to those attending the meeting. Is this what Trump calls good negotiating or or dealmaking, which he claims to be adept at?

Trump supporters, many of whom are farmers, seem to be quiet on the subject. They must see that this will likely have an effect on commodity prices.

Mexico and Canada may likely follow suit in deciding they won't be buying our wheat, corn, beans and pork, which China consumes in great quantities.

This may sound like another bold move on Trump's part, which may resonate well with his base, but the repercussions may have a negative impact on us all when consumer prices rise sharply.

The additional money you received from the tax cut may likely be consumed by higher prices for consumer goods.

Krile lives in Fargo.