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Letter: Every minute we spend insulting each other is a minute wasted

Dear gun-owners:

I want to ask you for a favor. I want to hear from you about how you think we can make gun ownership safer. I would also like you to please stop insulting people when they're scared about gun violence, simply because they don't know about guns. In exchange, I won't make fun of you when you don't know about garment construction or choral music. We have different interests. Wouldn't the world be a boring place if we didn't? I also won't say that you're selfish and don't care about saving lives. In exchange, please don't start conversations with people who are scared and sad about murdered children by immediately protecting guns rights. That scares people. It makes it sound like you care about guns more than people. And I know that isn't true.

We need to work together. Every minute we spend insulting each other is a minute wasted. So, let's stop attacking one another. Instead, let's work together to save people's lives. That's what we all want.

Larsen lives in Fargo.