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Letter: Sen. Heitkamp had her chance, and she failed us

Heidi Heitkamp needs to explain why she voted against giving all hard-working middle-class working families a tax cut that would have put more money into our pockets.

In one of her most ridiculous statements, she said tax reform would not benefit middle income families. Well, she was completely wrong and owes the people of North Dakota an apology. Look what Walmart is doing. The big box store with 12 North Dakota locations, give employee bonuses, all made possible, Walmart says, following passage of the tax cut, just one of many businesses that have been able to do so, or increase wages as a result.

Finally, the North Dakota tax department estimates a middle-income family in North Dakota with adjusted gross income of $65,000 will see a federal tax decrease of $1,819 after the tax cut. This is all money in our pockets.

Heitkamp told us she voted against a tax cut because it increases the federal deficit. Suddenly she is a deficit hawk, really? Perhaps she would like to tell us why, since 2013, she voted 21 times for legislation that would increase the deficit. Apparently, it's OK to do this during the Obama administration but not now?

She is clearly listening to her party bosses like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., rather than the people of North Dakota that she represents.

Heidi had her chance and has failed us.

Dosch lives in Bismarck.