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West Fargo voters overwhelmingly approve $106.9 million referendum

Letter: Kelly Armstrong will fight for North Dakota's agricultural interests

Growing up in the world of politics, I understand how the countless decisions made in Washington, D.C., affect our day-to-day lives. Policies, government spending and the declaration of natural disasters are just a few examples. The Andrews' farm, established in 1883 prior to North Dakota's statehood, has felt the ripple effect of these decisions over time. Our next representative needs to be an effective leader who understands the challenges our agricultural community faces both in the short and long-term, and one who will fight to protect our livelihood.

Kelly Armstrong is that person. A North Dakota native, he's seen firsthand what happens when factors outside of our control directly affect our livelihood and economy. He knows we need fair and just commodity prices and a generous safety net when disaster hits, as it did this past summer during the drought. Armstrong will make our case directly to President Trump and ensure that assistance is available when needed. With so many factors out of our control, knowing early on how and where farmers and ranchers need to invest money in times of crisis is vital. Armstrong will work to protect our agricultural producers in good times and in bad.

The current proposed federal budget includes a 30 percent cut in crop insurance. This won't work for North Dakota. We need to protect the programs, policies and funding that do work for us. Armstrong's ability to bring both sides of a tough issue together and come to a reasonable conclusion was proven over and over during his time in the North Dakota Legislature. I have the utmost confidence Armstrong will take those skills to Washington and fight for what our North Dakota agricultural producers need and empower them with the right tools to continue our long-standing tradition of feeding our state, our nation and our world.

Andrews lives in Mapleton, N.D.