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Police identify victim involved in fatal shooting outside Fargo McDonald’s

Letter: Gardner's bid for secretary of state is not 'stupid' or 'insulting'

The Will Gardner described in Jack Zaleski's April 1st column is not the Will Gardner I personally know and admire. Nor is Will's challenge for the Republican nomination for North Dakota's secretary of state "stupid," "insulting" or "offensive." It is simply a good man who saw problems in the office and decided to actually try and do something about it instead of just sitting back and complaining.

Gardner has the technological background, a vision for the future of North Dakota and the personal integrity to be North Dakota's next secretary of state. If I had been undecided about who to support this weekend at the Republican convention, Zaleski's column would have been just what I needed to swing my vote to Will Gardner.

I can't think of a single issue or candidate Zaleski has supported in his column that I could support or endorse. In fact, I had assumed that Jack Zaleski was as solid a Democrat as you could find.

Sayler lives in Fargo.