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Letter: The United States is a country of immigrants.

The United States is a country of immigrants. All countries are countries of immigrants. We all migrated from somewhere, all the way back to Africa when humans first left the continent. All animals migrate. As a species, it is what they, and we do it to survive. Species look for conditions that are better for survival.

It was not until World War I that passports and border control became common. Until then, people migrated freely and this ultimately benefited countries. People migrated to economically prosperous countries and those migrants created wealth which supported further growth through their labor and economic contributions.

People who migrate and leave behind a life, do so because the alternative is worse. People do not undertake the migration process lightly. Upon arrival in a place they believe is safe and better than where they left, they want to contribute to the health of their new community. Immigrants move because their home communities are worse and they are thankful when they arrive. They are so thankful they accept low paying jobs, become entrepreneurs, and create wealth that benefits the immigrants (local population) that was here slightly before they arrived.

The United States currently has job shortages in many industries. The argument for immigration was often that they would accept the low paying job "Americans" did not want, like field work. There are now industries that pay well that "Americans" do not want, like nursing, trucking, oil work, aviation, and countless other areas. Many of these are not recent job shortages. Many industries have known for a long time they were going to be short on workers. Proposed solutions to attract workers to these fields have not worked.

The United States needs workers. The economy needs workers and there are not enough of them in the United States. If one opposes illegal immigration, then increase the number of legal migrants.

People do not leave their homes because they want to, they leave because they must. Long term immigrants (local population) should welcome these new people with compassion and gratitude because it is immigrants who help grow an economy and create wealth.

Schloesser lives in Fargo.