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Letter: Renewing a driver's license is a nightmare in North Dakota

We, too, find it very inconvenient to renew our driver's licenses in North Dakota. My husband recently tried to renew his license in Oakes, N.D. He was in at 10:30 a.m., waited until noon, and had to go back after 1 p.m. to finish. It took over two hours to renew his license.

We have the choice of going 30 miles to Oakes on the second Wednesday, 50 miles to Wahpeton, and 60 miles to Valley City. The Lisbon bureau closed a few years ago. Another thing, why can't we have rest areas? They are being removed one at a time. Why should we have to exit to go into a city to use a bathroom?

Waloch lives in Gwinner, N.D.