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Letter: Trump drafts American farmers to fight his trade war

Polish your boots, farmers, you are in the trade war. Farmers are on the front line, and their pocket books, too. As countries defend against Trump policies and tariffs, American farmers' grain prices drop. A couple bucks a bushel on soybeans alone. Exports of many American products will be blown up.

Form up, troops, farm machinery is going up in price as manufacturers pass on higher steel and aluminum prices.

Farmers are not alone in this fight as every American will join in and shell out more for cars, construction products, electronics, newsprint and gasoline, to name a few.

Trump's policy on Iran pushes up oil and gasoline prices. Our allies Big Oil--Saudi Arabia and Russia--are loving the higher oil prices, so fight on, this war will be expensive in dollars and jobs.

Want to burn your draft card? Too late, you are already enlisted. You can't run to Canada, as we are fighting them, too. Hard fought trade relationships built up over many years are getting a Dear John as an inexperienced wannabe trade warrior charges on. When the smoke clears we all will have paid dearly.

And don't think that bone spur is going to get you a deferment.

Thomas lives in Fargo.