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Letter: Profanity and sexual content keep many of us from attending the movies

This is in response to Margie Bailly's Sept. 2nd letter about people "almost never" going to the movies today.

I probably average two per year. As a former employee of Billy Graham's film ministry World Wide Pictures, I can "appreciate the artistry of filmmaking." However, I don't appreciate most of the movies shown in theaters today. Prior to 1968, Hollywood had higher moral standards due to what was known as the Hays Code. You didn't see the violence, profanity and nudity that later became prevalent in many motion pictures.

Bailly encouraged readers to see "Eighth Grade." She failed to mention that movie is rated R due to its sexual content and use of four-letter words. Ironically, that prevents actual eighth-graders from seeing it unless an adult accompanies them.

I was saddened to learn "Eighth Grade" was released internationally by Walt Disney Studios. Disney used to be synonymous with family-friendly entertainment.

I remember wanting to see "Saturday Night Fever" as an eighth grader in 1978. My parents wouldn't take me after seeing it for themselves and heard lots of foul language (we later watched an edited version on TV). Now as a God-fearing adult, I refuse to spend my money on movies filled with swear words and condoning immorality.

The recent success of faith-based films like "War Room" and "I Can Only Imagine" indicate there's still an audience for productions extolling Judeo-Christian values this nation was founded upon. Perhaps more Americans would flock to the theaters if Hollywood released cleaner product.

Post is a missionary living in Ashland, Va. He is originally from the Fargo-Moorhead area.