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Letter: Put partisan bickering aside and get something accomplished

I watched the funerals of two great Americans this past weekend: Aretha Franklin, soul and gospel artist, activist, and John McCain, statesman and military hero.

The funerals were quite different, but both had an underlying message to the leaders of our country. The messages were clear. Americans are tired of partisan bickering, the tweets and the general lack of leadership that starts with the current president and trickles its way through both parties.

If our leaders can't come to terms with each other's differences and find some common ground, they need to be summarily dismissed from the rhetoric and we need to elect leaders who can find common ground with those who they disagree with and start working together.

Frankly, President Trump going to play golf because he didn't get invited to the funeral costs the taxpayers a lot of money and it is a little like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. What about buckling down and getting some real work done?

Halvorson lives in Wyndmere, N.D.