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Letter: Act quickly if you need an updated ND ID before the November election

The North Dakota voter ID law requires an identification that has accurate name, current address and date of birth. Obviously, a driver's license is the form of ID that is most convenient. So, on Friday, Aug. 31, I had the afternoon off work and went to the driver's license office to get the address changed on my license to reflect my current residence. The line was out the door.

I was told by the woman at the door that there was a two-hour wait. I decided to go home since I knew I have another afternoon off in a few weeks and maybe I'd make an appointment for that date. I went to the website to see if I could make an appointment for Sept. 10th and there were no openings that week. The next available date was Sept. 19th. There are no openings for the Fargo Driver's License office for 19 days.

I looked to see if I could change my address online which I was able to do, however, no replacement ID will be sent. I still need to go to the driver's license office. So, I look for my next opportunity to have a time off from work--Oct. 1st. The website doesn't allow booking beyond 30 days. The hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday and they are not open on weekends. The appointments don't list after 3:40, an hour before they close.

Looking back at previous letters to The Forum, it appears this is an ongoing problem with the Fargo driver's license office and unless drastic measures are taken, I may not be the only person unable to vote in the upcoming election. It is unconscionable that my birthright to vote in the United States is linked to the ability of the driver's license office's ability to make appointments in a timely fashion.

How many disenfranchised voters is the North Dakota Department of Transportation willing to accept before changes are made?

Robillard lives in Fargo.