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Fargo police investigating fatal shooting at Main Avenue McDonalds

Letter: Do not let the defendant pick his own jury

I understand that both Sens. Heidi Heitkamp and John Hoeven have had a barrage of hate leveled against them in political ads, and I have found little faith in Hoeven's honesty in his reply letters to me, especially in the regards to net neutrality.

This Supreme Court nomination did not scare me in the slightest before I listened to the Kavanaugh hearing. This man is clearly supportive of unchecked executive powers to declare law unconstitutional without and even contradicting a judiciary.

Right now, with Trump as president, this man cannot be confirmed from what I have seen without hearing out the full record, at minimum. President Trump is under investigation, and is a direct threat to our democracy and its rule of law. I've never said this about any other president, and I don't believe it of any previous president, with exception to Nixon of course.

If my elected officials believe that Trump would be fair and support an investigation of himself, please nominate Kavanaugh. If they believe that Trump thinks that this whole ordeal is a witch hunt and would subvert law, then please do not let the defendant pick his own jury.

Turner lives in Fargo.