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Letter: We will weather the storm and do what we can to protect the flock

In response to the Aug. 22 column "Is the Catholic Church a criminal syndicate?"

Mr. Davis, your opinion illustrated your attempt to bait Catholics against one another. The division Jesus warned about in Matthew is alive and well in the 21st century. However, please know that the wrong that was done by nefarious, wrong-minded clergy is not acceptable by any practicing Catholic, and that message was addressed loudly and clearly from Catholic pulpits around the nation. Our prayer was that the wrong done, veiled in church robes, will be exposed and dealt with swiftly. One priest compared the church to a huge zoo, complete with the filth and dung that goes with it, but inside is the beautiful ark of salvation for those who seek it. Perhaps, we can all come to an agreement that many in positions of power lose their way in all walks of life; ergo, concupiscence is in the heart of man.

For 2,000 years the church has been afflicted with scandal, but we weather the storms with a bit of humor. As Napoleon rode into France threatening to take out the church, a cardinal at the time replied, "We have been trying to take her out for eighteen hundred years!"

Mr. Davis, I have not had your experience with the Catholic Church. To the contrary, I have known good and holy bishops, priests and seminarians. It is disheartening to hear you call the church King Kong, wealthy, self-governing and free from oversight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Quickly search the contributions made by the church to Western civilization, or better yet read about her sacrifices, her love of the poor, her saints and martyrs, her survival and her fidelity to the sacredness of life and her faithfulness to scripture. You will find that the world's politics, philosophy, literature and attitudes toward culture, all derived from Catholicism.

For those who are defined by their dislike of all things Catholic, little can be said. However, for those who love the church, we will weather another storm and work with her to do what we can to protect the flock. Let's pray that together we can stop this hostile and extreme bigotry, not only in the Catholic Church, but in our nation.

Boyer lives in Carrington, N.D.