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Letter: Your neighborhood could be next

I urge the residents of Fargo to pay close attention to what is going in the Roosevelt neighborhood in north Fargo. If zoning is changed to allow the Newman Center/Roers Development plan to go forward as currently proposed, it is not far-fetched to say your neighborhood could be next. What if a developer decides the lot next to you would be a great location for a high density apartment building? Who is going to protect your neighborhood from being rezoned?

As a homeowner in the Roosevelt neighborhood, I am well aware of the issues that plague our neighborhood. I know the people that proposed this plan argue that they are just getting rid of blighted houses. I would argue that our neighborhood is plagued with slumlords who are not being held responsible to maintain the homes they own. I fail to see how adding more rental units will improve the issues the neighborhood faces.

I urge all homeowners in Fargo, no matter which neighborhood you live in, to pay attention and take a stand against developers being allowed to do whatever they want wherever they want. Remember, your neighborhood could be next.

Hansen lives in Fargo.